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Employment Law Archives

Wrongful/Constructive Dismissal in a Unionized Context, OR: Why Jian Ghomeshi isn't getting $55,000,000.00 anytime soon.

The once-$50M case against the CBC is in fact $55 million now. It could be that this was to avoid the otherwise apt references to a certain pulp fiction trilogy, and not founded in any real law.

Bill 21: Changes to the Employment Standards Act coming October 29, 2014

On October 29, 2014, Bill 21, the Employment Standards Amendment Act (Leaves to Help Families), 2014 comes into force. As employers it is important that you familiarize yourself with these new leave requirements. For employees, if you need to access these important protections in such dire circumstances, it is important that you recognize your newly established entitlements.

Human Rights Damages for Discrimination during the Job Application Process

In a recent Human Rights Tribunal decision, a potential job applicant was awarded $8,000.00 for the discrimination endured when applying for a job at a local Ottawa Valley cleaning company.

ESA Minimums revisited

Back in June, we wrote a post about minimum entitlements under the Employment Standards Act (ESA). Lately I've heard a fair bit from people who have been terminated and aren't given their statutory minimum entitlements, to which they are entitled under the act. 

Boucher v Walmart - a lesson to whom?

Punitive Damages in Employment Law

The Ontario Superior Court handed down one of the largest damage awards in Canadian history in an employment law context this year. On appeal, the Ontario Court of Appeal greatly reduced the damage award against Walmart and one of it's supervisors. The award is still significant after appeal and it leaves us with some important factors to consider, both as an employee and as an employer.The case demonstrates how, even with good written policies, a sophisitacated company or organization can be liable for the misconduct of one of its own employees. You can read the appeal for yourself over here.