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August 2014 Archives

ESA Minimums revisited

Back in June, we wrote a post about minimum entitlements under the Employment Standards Act (ESA). Lately I've heard a fair bit from people who have been terminated and aren't given their statutory minimum entitlements, to which they are entitled under the act. 

What is an SPIS for?

Tis the season

Saturday, June 21, 2014 was the official start of summer and we are now in the busier real estate season. Some of you may be buying and some selling residential properties, and often at this time of the year Agreements of Purchase and Sale are being negotiated at a fast pace.

Costs in Family Law Matters

Retaining legal counsel is expensive. Although some legal fees are tax deductible (see our blog on tax deductible fees here), clients can expect to find the fees substantial.In some cases, the Family Law Rules allow parties to recover costs of particular steps in litigation. The entireOntario Family Law Rules can be found here.
If you are required to bring a motion, or defend one, and you are successful, you may be entitled to recover some of your legal costs of the motion directly from the other party. If you are unsuccessful, you might end up having to pay some of the other party's legal fees. Costs awards can be thousands of dollars, and vary dramatically from one case to another, and one type of appearance to another, but the risk is always there.