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July 2014 Archives

Boucher v Walmart - a lesson to whom?

Punitive Damages in Employment Law

The Ontario Superior Court handed down one of the largest damage awards in Canadian history in an employment law context this year. On appeal, the Ontario Court of Appeal greatly reduced the damage award against Walmart and one of it's supervisors. The award is still significant after appeal and it leaves us with some important factors to consider, both as an employee and as an employer.The case demonstrates how, even with good written policies, a sophisitacated company or organization can be liable for the misconduct of one of its own employees. You can read the appeal for yourself over here.

Child Support in Shared Parenting Scenarios


The Federal and Ontario Child Support Guidelines are meant to be simple, easy to work with, and to result in a fair and standard way of ensuring children in similar circumstances are treated in a similar way.
For many parents the calculation is quick and easy. By knowing simply how much money the payor parent makes and how many children are entitled to monthly support, the Guidelines give users a hard and fast number in the form of the Tables (available here).
However, the standard Table amounts may not be appropriate in all circumstances. There are three main situations in which the Table amounts may not be awarded: shared parenting, very high incomes and undue hardship. This post will address shared parenting scenarios, sometimes also referred to as "shared custody" or "joint custody" arrangements.