Ontario Estate Law Lawyers

Proper estate planning ensures your financial and personal goals are executed upon your passing, and in the event of your incapacitation. The lawyers in the wills and estates group at Burke-Robertson LLP are experienced advisors on Ontario estate law, guiding clients through the available options to provide stability and peace of mind for themselves and their families.

As a full-service law firm, Burke-Robertson LLP advises clients on their estate issues. Our clients range from business owners seeking continuity and protection for their enterprise to individuals in blended families who want to protect the integrity of their assets for the sake of loved ones.

Comprehensive Advice And Counsel On Wills And Estates

Wills and estates law is not limited to financial planning. While asset protection is frequently a goal for our clients who come to us for estate planning services, additional objectives often include the personal care and protection for themselves and their loved ones. Among the services our lawyers provide are:

  • Will drafting, with provisions for distribution of assets and the care and guardianship of minor children. Our lawyers also establish trusts to protect certain assets.
  • Powers of attorney, which include giving the person of your choosing the authority to make personal care and financial decisions on your behalf if you are mentally incapable.
  • Guardianship applications, which are prepared when our clients need to apply for the authority to make financial decisions on behalf of a loved one who has become incapable, and does not have a power of attorney in place.

In addition to this work for clients in preparing their own estates, we also assist with estate administration services. Individuals who have been named estate administrators, commonly known by the term "executor," retain our services to help them meet their legal responsibilities.

Our Wills And Estates Counsel

Lawyers practicing in this area include:

  • E. Jane Murray
  • Donald Ray

Experienced Estate Lawyers In Ottawa

For a consultation with our estate counsel regarding your objectives for your estate, contact Burke-Robertson LLP at 613-706-0020 in Ottawa or toll free at 1-800-419-5581. You can also reach our office online.