Orthopaedic Injury And Accident Claims Lawyers

Orthopaedic injuries affect the body's musculoskeletal system, including the bones, joints, nerves, muscles, ligaments and tendons. The full severity of these injuries is often not fully understood until a great deal of time has passed, and an individual has engaged in regular and ongoing rehabilitative therapy. When you have a serious orthopaedic injury, you may be uncertain where you stand legally and what your rights are. The lawyers at Burke-Robertson LLP in Ottawa can give you the information, objective advice and advocacy you need.

The Time And Support You Need To Recover

An orthopaedic injury can result from severe impact, such as a motor vehicle collision or slip-and-fall accident. Treatment and rehabilitation programs are tailored to each individual case by medical professionals, and they can include surgery, medication, prescribed exercises and physical therapy. During rehabilitation, your ability to continue at your job may be affected by not only the physical injury, but also its emotional effects. As your law firm, we will work to get you the financial support you need to recover.

We will take the burden of a serious injury lawsuit off your shoulders and deal with no-fault benefit or disability insurance claims while you recover. We will continue to communicate with you and help address your treatment and rehabilitation needs. When the time is right, you will be a key partner in any legal process we undertake on your behalf. As your lawyers, we work with you in all aspects of your recovery; both medical and financial.

Experienced Ottawa Lawyers For Injury Claims

To obtain legal advice and information with regards to orthopaedic injury and related accident claims, contact Burke-Robertson LLP at 613-706-0020 in Ottawa, Ontario, or 1-800-419-5581 toll free. We can also be reached online. We offer a free initial consultation to our potential clients with personal injury claims.