Fatal Accident Lawsuit Lawyers

For families, the sudden and unexpected loss of a loved one, often caused by a car accident or medical negligence, can have an overwhelming emotional impact. Many of those who live through such a loss will have their grief quickly compounded by practical concerns about finances and carrying on with family life. The lawyers at Burke-Robertson LLP guide Ottawa and Eastern Ontario families through their legal options following a fatal accident or medical treatment.

Taking The Legal Steps Toward Security

For many, a fatal accident results in the loss of not only a beloved individual but also one of family's main sources of income. In Ontario, it is possible to take legal steps to be compensated for this loss, by filing a lawsuit against the person who caused the death. If the loss was the result of a fatal car accident, truck accident or motorcycle crash, some immediate compensation will be available as a no-fault benefit from the deceased's own auto insurance.

Many factors contribute to the assessment of damages in a fatal accident claim. The team at Burke-Robertson LLP works with the appropriate experts to determine the full value of the financial support that the loved one would have provided to the rest of the family, taking into account the individual's occupation and life path. While no amount of money can ever compensate for the loss of a family member, a successful legal claim will ensure financial stability while the family rebuilds.

Lawyers For Wrongful Death Claims In Ontario

The personal injury team at Burke-Robertson LLP is committed to ethics, integrity and results in its legal practice. In every case we take, we are sensitive to the experiences of our clients. Our professionalism and high standards of practice are a complement to our individual compassion.

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