Ottawa Car Accident Lawyers

When you are reeling from a sudden, severe injury caused by a car or truck, you may not know what to do next. If you are badly hurt and hospitalized, your medical treatment is your priority. Not knowing what the future might hold, you will benefit from advice from a lawyer who can provide much-needed objective insight and guidance for the road ahead. The car accident lawyers at Burke-Robertson LLP advise Ottawa and Eastern Ontario accident victims on the important next steps following accident injury.

Laying The Groundwork And Moving Forward

A car accident claim is a complex legal process, and a lawyer from Burke-Robertson LLP will help you gain access to the full range of benefits you need to recover. In addition to no-fault benefits, in cases of severe injury, we may recommend you to file a lawsuit against the driver who caused your injury. In order to prepare a strong legal claim on your behalf, we require evidence of how your accident happened, including police reports and witness statements. We may need to hire an accident reconstruction expert to visit the accident scene to take pictures and measurements. The sooner you get in touch with us, the sooner we can start investigating what happened.

As your advocates, we do more than just work to secure you appropriate compensation. We connect you to the right medical professionals and rehabilitation therapists to ensure your recovery is as quick and successful as possible. During your period of rehabilitation, we work to secure the resources you need to support yourself and your family when you are unable to continue with your employment.

Advice For Truck Accident Lawsuits In Ontario

Burke-Robertson is a respected Ottawa law firm dedicated to ethics, integrity and results in legal practice. We offer injury victims a free initial consultation about their case. To schedule a meeting, contact Burke-Robertson LLP at 613-706-0020 in Ottawa or 1-800-419-5581 toll free. You can also contact us online.