Ottawa Labour And Employment Law Lawyers

Practical business owners understand the importance of retaining legal counsel to resolve their employment-related disputes. Conflict resolution is a key aspect of positive employer-employee relations and ensures the continuity of business operations. Employees, both individual and unionized, similarly require the advocacy of legal counsel to take advantage of the protection afforded them by law.

The employment practice group at Ottawa's Burke-Robertson LLP represents local employers and employees in disputes. We advocate for clients in tribunal proceedings, litigation and alternative dispute resolution forums, utilizing our experience and knowledge to achieve an effective outcome.

Solving Labour And Employment Disputes

As an established Ottawa law firm, Burke-Robertson LLP is part of the downtown business community. Our employment law lawyers are deeply knowledgeable about the concerns of local employees and the needs of Ottawa business owners, including pressures they face from shifts in the local economy.

As a full-service firm, we offer clients comprehensive legal advice, including employee rights and their intersection with business law. Key components of our employment practice are:

  • Wrongful termination and dismissal, including advisory services to both employers and employees on severance packages, the terms of dismissal and resulting legal remedies.
  • We also offer independent legal advice (ILA) to employers and employees when entering new relationships. Our lawyers will review Employment Agreements before they are signed.
  • Labour disputes, including advice to employers on relations with their unionized workforce and advice to individual union members on relations with their union.

Our experience with clients on both sides of employment disputes and in a diversity of work environments contributes to our understanding of workplace conflict. We are therefore able to achieve effective solutions that support the business objectives of our corporate clients, and the personal objectives of the individual employees who retain us. To learn more about our Employment Law practice and some of the legal issues as they may arise, please visit our blog at

Our Labour And Employment Law Counsel

Lawyers practicing in this area include:

  • Thomas Campbell Barber
  • Roger Button
  • Danesh Rana

Employment Law Counsel For Ontario Employers And Workers

The employment law group is one part of the comprehensive service offered by Burke-Robertson LLP. To schedule a consultation with one of our employment lawyers, call us at 613-706-0020 in Ottawa or 1-800-419-5581 toll free. You can also contact the firm online.