Ottawa Wrongful Dismissal Lawyers

When an employment relationship ends in termination, the resulting conflict can be emotionally trying and legally challenging. Employers require legal guidance to uphold their legal obligations and defend their actions. Employees whose rights have been violated similarly require legal counsel to advise on the terms of their dismissal and whether legal action is appropriate.

The employment practice group at Ottawa's Burke-Robertson LLP advises clients on their options in cases of wrongful termination. We have the comprehensive business knowledge to effectively advise corporate owners on ending an employment relationship in a way that protects their interests. We are also compassionate and effective advocates for individually terminated employees who want guidance on their legal options.

Advising Employers

An effective workforce is essential to running a successful business. When employers choose to make changes in the makeup of their staff, a lawyer can help ensure it is done effectively, with a minimum of conflict. Burke-Robertson LLP is a trusted member of the Ottawa business community and has an expansive business law practice. This is an asset to our corporate clients who benefit from our advice in all areas of their operations.

Advising Employees

Employees are often at a loss to plan for next steps following a termination. Employees often take the termination personally, regardless of the surrounding circumstances. The lawyers at Burke-Robertson LLP are sensitive to this experience. We provide calm, practical and focused advice to terminated employees. We discuss the events that led to the termination and advise on the next legal steps.

Employees offered a severance package do not always have the knowledge to determine whether what they are offered is fair. Our services include review of severance packages to give employees the benefit of our legal opinion on what they may or may not be owed. This consultation can leave clients with the peace of mind that the final terms of their employment were of benefit to them.

Legal Advice For Constructive Dismissal In Ontario

The employment law group at our firm represents clients on a variety of employment matters, including WSIB and long-term disability claims. To schedule a consultation in Ottawa on wrongful dismissal or related issues, contact Burke-Robertson LLP at 613-706-0020 in Ottawa or 1-800-419-5581 toll free. You can also reach our offices online.