Pedestrian accident suit squeezes Ottawa police budget

A lawsuit filed by a pedestrian hit by a police car in 2007 has been settled for $1.2 million. The money will be used to pay the pedestrian's present and future medical bills to treat the serious injuries he suffered in the collision.

This story represents a positive outcome for the pedestrian, who has been working for nearly five years to get justice and compensation for his severe injury. The outcome has also compelled the Ottawa police to develop better driving procedures to avoid causing costly motor vehicle accidents, and the settlement has put a squeeze on Ottawa's police budget.

The incident itself

The man was hit by the cruiser in downtown Ottawa and was sent to the hospital At the time, doctors thought he only had a broken leg from where the police car hit him. However, the man's condition deteriorated, and he turned out to be permanently injured. This permanent injury played a big part in helping the man make the decision to file a lawsuit against the OPD.

Driving safety

Ottawa's police department has implemented more stringent regulations and checks on driving safety. The original incident occurred in the Centretown neighbourhood of Ottawa, and police cruisers will now take extra precautions to keep speeds at a minimum while traveling through heavily populated areas, especially if they include children and elderly individuals.

OPD liability in Sexual Assault

This case follows on the heels of another case that also required the Ottawa Police Department to pay a significant settlement to the victim of sexual assault that took place in an Ottawa police cell block.

OPD Pays Settlements

The Ottawa Police Department paid both of these settlements from its operating budget, which means that it had to reorganize its finances.

When an organization pays money to settle a personal injury claim, the finances of the entire operation may have to be restructured to account for the payment. The OPD was able to remain in the black by only spending money on "mission-critical items" for a period of three months.

Whether you are considering filing motor vehicle collision claim against the city of Ottawa Police Service or another driver, consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer first. A highly qualified legal professional will prepare your lawsuit and present it in a way that maximizes your financial recovery.