Administrative Law

Given the complex nature of the modern state, administrative agencies are involved in virtually every area of government activity and affect citizens in many ways. If you feel that administrative authority has made a decision affecting you that violates a constitutional, statutory or common law principle, one of our lawyers will be pleased to assist you.

The major purpose of administrative law is to ensure that the activities of government are authorized by Parliament or by provincial legislators, and that laws are implemented and administered in a fair and reasonable manner. We have successfully represented clients before many federal and provincial boards and tribunals. Our lawyers also have a wealth of experience as counsel in several important public inquiries which have taken place in the recent past, including the Somalia Inquiry, the Gomery Commission of Inquiry, and the Arar Commission of Inquiry.

Our lawyers are also experienced in dealing with complaints before the Ontario Human Rights Commission, the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board, and Canada Pension Plan matters, including appeals.